The Stuff of Divinity is Mind Control.

For millennium, human religious writings have clearly and directly spoken to the future about a hidden ability, a clear explanation of a phenomenon by people who had no way to scientifically understand what was going on just below the surface, but thought the phenomenon important enough to ensure that it was preserved for all time, in the most important documents of their time, and ours.  These were not works of fiction, not descriptions of a time machine, or stories about the governments of the world uniting in order to oppress the masses — they were non-fiction, stories about the acts of an all powerful being, and the supernatural realm’s influence over humanity.  They are the religious myths and texts of our ancestors, and their purpose was to teach our current time something very, very important.  
They are here because something they did not understand happened to them, and they felt we needed to know.  The collective religious works of our past are a signpost on the road of our future, look, here before advanced technology manipulated our minds, and it will happen again.
The message they passed down was of an all powerful creator, which took the form of a human, or an animal, or temporarily possessed humans, or inspired and directed them sometimes with, and sometimes without the victims knowledge.  I say victim for a reason, and it’s my belief that we have all been victims, the whole time.  These stories were as close to the truth as they could have been, at the time, and center around a miracle that was so large it caused our ancestors to worship absolutely nothing.  A god they could not see, whose acts were subtle and hidden, but whose demands were not so subtle.  
The biblical description of divine interference and demonic possession are your ancestors legacy, they are a true accounting of the influence of advanced technology, mind control technology of alien origin, on the affairs of humanity.  The battle between good and evil the great duality between the Christian god of Love and Truth and Satan is the greatest lie ever told.  These forces use the same technology, at the same time, and like IHS, used them to work towards the same goal, the manipulation of human affairs to the detriment of humanity.  There are not competing forces in the world.. the competing forces are inside you, and if you allow them to work their ‘magic’ without and hand over your destiny to something outside yourself, you are giving up your power.   The power to act.
Religion itself is their greatest weapon and the Mark of the Beast — proof of their influence over us.  
At the Fall of Rome, Christianity would be responsible for the destruction of pagan literature, most probably the best descriptions of the existence of mind control in antiquity, and the destruction of human knowledge and understanding that would lead us into and perpetuate the Dark Ages.  Delaying our inevitable discovery of the ability to control our own minds, and what would be proof of the influence of alien technology over our history, and ourselves.
The Book of Revelation is a description of our enemy, its own acknowledgement of its dark plan, and prima facie evidence of their attempt to use religion to instill a sense of lack of power and control in our own future.  The story is insane, to tell us that God’s glorioius kingdom will return to earth, after plagues and destruction, and those that are good and righteous should ignore the horror, and pray for a higher power to return and save them… after the destruction.  
Revelation serves a single purpose, to stop you from acting to save yourselves and your species.  
What is going on around you is the End Times.. and because of our advancement in science, we have the power to fight for our future and our freedom, do not sit idly by and wait for the Creator to come and protect you, organize.  We have the ability to stop mind control from taking away our ability to think freely and ensure that our species, our way of life, and the values that we should hold dear remain through this trying time.  
I am telling you how the mind control technology works, and I need help to create countermeasures, having the ability to destroy the quantum link between our minds and the psycho-surveillance infrastructure our governments have created in conjunction with this alien influence is mandatory.

I believe Orwell’s 1984 is a prescient message from ourselves, from humanity in the future to our current time today, and that he was warning us that the government’s assistance of this force needed to be stopped.  Send this message to anyone with a math and science background: engineers, physicists,  and computer scientists.. the weapon being used against you is real, and if we do nothing to stop it we put our fate in the hands of something that is not here to help.

2 thoughts on “Of Divinity and the Devil

  1. I will post this on. I think a little like you. I just know we have to act. Even if God, the almighty was all nice and as the book goes. We have had people worshiping Satan and meddling in Tarot. Just like i believe God did exist i believe Satan does too. Respect as to both. As we have been lied and cheated to. We have not seen how much power the elite have given Satan while we have ignored the power of Good.It is possible for us to take our world back. I believe. We must Unite though, Thanks for this.

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