IHS: Isis, Horus, Set — The Unholy Trinity

Part 1: Ancient Egypt
Part 2: The Cold War
Part 3: Organized Crime
Part 4: Armageddon

Unbeknownst to the masses, World War II did not end with the dropping of the atomic bomb, or the creation of the Berlin Wall.   In actuality, the sides simply changed.. ever so slightly, and the actual war did not end until well into the “Cold War.”  The true ending of World War II ended during John F. Kennedy’s administration, with the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis and his martyrdom.  JFK was moving to alert the world to an Illuminati plot to control the hearts and minds of the masses, secretly, and it cost him his life.  

While cooperation between opposing sides, IHS, had been occurring throughout the war, it was at the end of the Kennedy Administration when the upper echelons of the KGB and UKUSA factions began working together in earnest in order to facilitate the creation of a psycho-surveillance monstrosity for the benefit of the few over the many.  Throughout the history of the war there is voluminous evidence of this incestuous and treasonous behavior on the part of MI-6, the OSS and then the CIA, the SD and the KGB.  The heart of this cooperation was the infestation and indoctrination of the American government using mind control and intelligence infiltration of MI-6, the Sicherheitsdienst and the KGB at all levels of the United States Government.  Today, this infestation has secretly co-opted the United States proper, and our free and democratic government is no more than the true opiate of the masses.

At the turning point of World War II, Hitler made a fatal mistake that would cost Nazi Germany victory, and stop the creation of a fascist new world order.  This was a mistake that no commander in his position would have made on their own volition, and it is proof to the world that the war was swung by a hidden influence, using advanced technology in order to create a better outcome for all humanity — the influence is proof of IHS (http://unduecoercion.blogspot.com/2012/11/ihs-and-unholy-war-part-i.html) and its Mark is clearly shown through the Nazi War Machine’s insane decision to walk away from the invasion of the United Kingdom, and instead attack its strongest ally, weakening its position without sane reason.  The reason for this change was delivered to the world by Phillip K. Dick, inspired by the hidden influence, proving its prescience.

After the War, the hidden IHS collaboration between MI-6, the KGB, and the CIA would be clearly displayed to the world, just below the surface, so that now all can see its influence.  In the 1950’s the Cambridge 5 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cambridge_Five) closely linked to MI-6 would secretly transfer sensitive information to the KGB, their defection along with the corruption in the FBI and CIA that was being investigated by James Jesus Angleton (http://www.ctka.net/pr700-ang.htmldisplay the IHS behavior of high treason in order to serve a higher purpose, in this case perpetuating the Cold War without real risk to the Earth and creating the reason for the mass refinement of enriched uranium which would be required to fuel the coming new age.  Investigation in to the fate of disarmed uranium will yield proof that it is being directed to an extra-governmental agency.. most probably for the purpose of interplanetary travel and the fueling of the psycho-surveillance infrastructure.  

In 1992, the cooperation between the KGB and CIA would be made public, yet to this day very few realize the implications.  Vasili Mitrokhin would defect from the KGB to the United Kingdom, bringing with him the largest disinformation campaign against the American public ever created — through joint effort of the KGB and CIA (IHS).  The Archive he brought, which he was able to smuggle from top secret files in the KGB, blamed that agency for perpetrating information operations against the American public, by way of attempting to clear the CIA from complicity in the assassination of JFK, the creation of the AIDS virus, and the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  The simple fact that he was able to defect with this voluminous information shows KGB complicity in his defection.  

The luck of the CIA to have such a package delivered directly to their doorstep, in a lame attempt to clear them from obvious complicity in the JFK assassination, and their ready acceptance of this information, shows their inclusion in the plot to use Vasili Mitrokhin in order to delude the masses.  This cooperation is tacit proof of IHS, and cooperation between international intelligence in order to hide the influence of a unified front using advanced technology in order to mold the future of humanity.  In addition, the “joint” projects of MK-Ultra and Psychotronics, two highly classified programs becoming public knowledge at nearly the same time in our history, further show a unified attempt to hide the existence of quantum mind control from the scientific community, as well as members of the US, UK, and USSR governments which would have stopped the creation of a global mind control infrastructure.  While the motivation behind these projects was probably sincere for those involved, the upper echelon were already in possession of working quantum mind control technology, and these programs were a low tech smokescreen for the existence and use of it during those times and after.

The IHS behavior of international intelligence would be involved in the September 11 tragedy, discussed further in Part 3, and the death of Diana, Princess of Whales would be closely linked to this event.  9/11 and her death have the mark of the Illuminati and IHS all over them.  World governments, including the Queen Mother, have been hiding that ever since.
There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge. 
-The Queen Mother, about Diana’s death and the 9/11 tragedy.

Throughout the latter part of the Cold War and in to our current time, the KGB and CIA would collaborate with a union of organized crime syndicates around the world, including the Russian, Italian, and South American cartels in order to fund the creation of an extra-governmental infrastructure ‘off the books’… discussed fully in Part 3 of this series.

On this Thanksgiving Holiday, please give thanks that the hidden force is delivering to you the truth, once and for all.  That there has been a small group pulling the strings throughout our history, using advanced technology, and that it is time for the Voice of We the People to once again ring true throughout the United States and the World.  Spread a message of peace and goodwill, and know that our future will be better with the truth in the hands of the masses.  Please deliver this message to everyone you know during this holiday weekend, and hope with me that next month will be the beginning of a new golden epoch for all.

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