Assume for a moment, that an alien species is responsible for the rapid evolution of homo sapiens, through the use of genetic engineering and that the Bible tells you as much.  
Assume further, that the story of Revelation, and the new epoch of the Mayan calendar, represent “first contact” with an alien species, which left behind an artificial intelligence thousands of years ago in order to “prepare us” for their inevitable return (which by the way they knew exactly when would happen because of a time machine).
In my book, 2021-2041,The End Times, I put forth the theory that these aliens were here in antiquity in order to use humanity to mine for Uranium (which by the way has a high correlation to gold deposits), and that the Great Pyramids (and others like them) were nothing more than a “reason” for humanity to dig in the ground for heavy metals — and to hide exactly why we were doing it.

I take this further in the book, and say that one of the hidden purposes of the Cold War (and subsequent disarmament), were to mine, refine, and enrich a large quantity of uranium.  I’ve spent a lot of time trying to explain that xeno-mind control might be subtle, using “worship” and “mutually assured destruction” as reasons to force humanity to find uranium might not make sense to you, but it makes sense to me.  It’s a reason to do something you don’t have a real reason for, and it “off loads” processing power away from an AI mind control machine, by giving us our own reason to do what they want.  Basically we got put on auto-pilot.
Now lets say that the Mayan calendar is presciently telling us something, lets say the Aliens are coming, and the real reason is to collect the heavy metal we mined “for them.”  This was the premise of the original The Day the World Stood Still, and that day might be coming soon, for dll I know.
In that movie, and its remake, Aliens come, tell us we have been very, very bad; and that they will destroy us if we don’t “do something.”  They are given the appearance of intergalactic peace keepers, and they are “just here to help” (via threats of genocide).

How funny is that?
Meanwhile, they have certainly been manipulating our civilization, starting and stopping wars, and unduly coercing us to do things like participate in a futile arms race with a world power we really had no “gripe” with.  Or maybe coercing us to attack ourselves in order to create a reason for the existence of a psycho-surveillance infrastructure.

So lets say these aliens are coming next month (please bear in mind this is hypothetical.. aside from the Mayan calendar, and “pop culture” there’s really no reason to believe we are getting disclosure of “contact” any time soon), and they want to tell us we’d better stop destroying our environment, and that they are worried about us bringing nuclear weapons in to space, so they want all our refined uranium.  

Lets say they want it to power their own fission or fusion reactors, and they’ve been mind controlling us for thousands of years, in preparation for the largest transfer of heavy metal (energy) away from the planet Earth.. ever.
Should we give it to them?

5 thoughts on “Klaatu barada nikto

  1. . – greys aliens and NWO will, ad lib minimize people on earth! – and dominate us!.57 arts of aliens are visiting our world! – Now and then.According to Clifford Stone. ( youtube ).9 different arts of aliens are working in the underground bases – USA.According to Phil Schneider. ( youtube ).Is there a fight going on between aliens about the earth? -.

  2. Why come to earth when all these elements and minerals are evidently and obviously plentiful throughout the Universe?If they can cross the vast distances of interstellar space and time,with whatever technologies they have for whatever reasons,I think our resources here on earth wouldnt be worth the trip.No one wants the proof that there is an intelligent species besides us in the Universe.After this post,Im "unliking" this page.

  3. very interesting. could you please tell me by whom have you "received" this information, so vital to our continued survival?otherwise, i simply have to ask…are you high on drugs?no offense intended towards you, but this kind of mind boggling info, well. i've done drugs, and never had these kinds of, uh…futuristic precognitions. 2041 hasn't even been thought of yet, but you've written a book concerning the end times? so, yeah, i'm kind of wondering about you….really interesting info, though.

  4. It came from the source. No, I'm not.The years I used are not really relevant to my message, that we are in the "End Times" right now, and we have been for the last 70 years or so.There are hordes of people around you aware of an inhumane conspiracy to mind control the entire planet, and I am a personal witness. Check out the links at the top of the blog.

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