IHS: Isis, Horus, Set — The Unholy Trinity

Part 1: Ancient Egypt
Part 2: The Cold War
Part 3: Organized Crime
Part 4: Armageddon

Satan will be let loose from his cell, and will launch again his old work of deceiving the nations..    

He’ll talk them into going to war and will gather a huge army, millions strong. 
They’ll stream across the earth, surround and lay siege to the camp of God’s holy people, the Beloved City.   
They’ll no sooner get there than fire will pour out of Heaven and burn them up. 
Revelation 20:7-10 

Seriously, how stupid are you?  You are acting as the stooges of the “New World Order,” in their lame attempt to fulfill biblical prophesy and start a new World War in your name.  Get along with the Palestinians, Isaac and Ishmael were brothers.. remember?

IRAN, HAMAS, PALESTINE: Don’t allow this to escalate further.
Chronologically, this was supposed to be the final installment in the IHS series, however because of the complete retardation going on in “the holy land” I felt it was prudent to post it sooner, rather than later.  For those of you that are new here, the focal point of my writing is the influence of xeno mind control over our history and current events, and this specific series is focused on the concept of Isis Horus Set — that the power in control of this advanced technology (an ancient alien artificial intelligence), uses mind control to play both sides of wars and conflict, and uses our humanity’s weaknesses against us, in order to ensure an outcome for “some reason other than moral right.”
The IHS scenario is clearly shown during the Crusades, the AI clearly helping both sides, and speaking directly to the Assassins and Templars … the equivalent of our modern day ultra-intelligence agencies.  These two groups would routinely commit treason against their motherlands, for the purpose of securing the outcome the alien machine desired, against the benefit of their people; who were experiencing massive bloodshed for what amounts to.. no good reason.
This incestuous and treasonous behavior on the part of the intelligence elite continues today, and will be described much more clearly in parts 2 and 3 — but suffice it to say, the KGB, MI-6, CIA, and Mossad have been working together (and with other intelligence agencies), against their nations, and for the purpose of creating a global psycho-surveillance weapon against the population of the planet.  

This is also probably due to an alien mind control influence over them (“the Illuminati”), the whole time.

In addition, this group.. the Illuminati, or the New World Order; basically the union of all nuclear powers in the world today (IHS Part 2), and global organized crime and terrorism (Part 3), has been actively working towards reverse engineering the prophesy of Revelation since around 1984.  
The human created plagues of AIDS and Bird Flu are clear realizations of Revelation 18:2.  
The Exxon and BP oil spills, have obvious parallels with Revelation 16:3.  
Ozone depletion, with Revelation 16:8.
The 2008 Global Financial Crisis, Revelation 18:9

More about Revelation 17 and the Vatican in both Parts 2 and 3.


The sad part is, some of them were done deliberately; and if you are not careful, Israel will be walking in to self-fulfilling Revelation 16:16, and 20 in the coming days.
Just.  Stop.  Fighting.
By the way, Revelation 16:10 might be related to the public reaction to mind control and psycho-surveillance.. more about that later.. but my personal opinion is that neural augmentation can greatly help or species, if it is done properly, and the important thing is ensuring that it is used to benefit humanity as a whole.
To Washington, DC:

Doom, doom, the great city doomed!
    City of Babylon, strong city!
In one hour it’s over, your judgment come!

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