IHS: Isis, Horus, Set — The Unholy Trinity

Part 1: Ancient Egypt
Part 2: The Cold War
Part 3: Organized Crime
Part 4: Armageddon

Ancient Egypt has a myth relating the a battle between Upper and Lower Egypt.  In this myth, The God Set ruled Upper Egypt, and Horus the Lower Kingdom.  The war ends with the unification of Egypt, a parable for the creation of the New World Order, however the circumstances surrounding the close of fighting are stranger than you would think.  Upper Egypt conquers Lower, however not before both kingdoms begin worshiping Horus.

Throughout the war, Horus and Set were working together, against the people.  As in the image to the right, while they were enemies in battle, they were both working with the same machine, and using its influence to “pull the strings.”  In The Red Pyramid the author, Rick Riordan, puts forth a theory explaining a genealogical discrepancy for Horus by saying that the “Gods” took different hosts, and that it was the same entity controlling two separate, real humans.  This theory is most likely fairly close to the truth, and the host theory, as well as numerous descriptions of this type of possession throughout our religious history point to mind control as the method by which these “Gods” interfered in the affairs of humanity.  In our current time, we now have the technological means to understand exactly how this mind control worked, “eyes to see” if you will.  In the IHS myth, Isis was the true power pulling the strings for both Horus and Set, and both lower deities were nothing more than weapons against the people.  

It has also been suggested that the myth may reflect historical events. According to the Shabaka Stone, Geb divided Egypt into two halves, givingUpper Egypt (the desert south) to Set and Lower Egypt (the region of the delta in the north) to Horus, in order to end their feud. However, according to the stone, in a later judgment Geb gave all Egypt to Horus. Interpreting this myth as a historical record would lead one to believe that Lower Egypt (Horus’ land) conquered Upper Egypt (Set’s land); but, in fact Upper Egypt conquered Lower Egypt. So the myth cannot be simply interpreted. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Set_(mythology)#Conflict_between_Horus_and_Set  

 The ending of the IHS myth is astonishing, simply for the fact that the cult which won the war was not the same as the state which won, and I will attempt to prove that the theory of Horus and Set both being two faces of the same entity, being used in order to subvert the war — and playing both sides, is the modus operandi of an Artificial Intelligence which is represented in the story by Isis.  This AI has been in control of a mind control technology, essentially creating religion in order to control the fate of humanity since antiquity.

Not so hidden, between the lines, is the fact that the unification of Egypt resulted in the ideological and religious beliefs of the loser being adopted by the winner, essentially swinging the battle without having to win a physical war.  The Cult of Horus (and Lower Egypt) was the clear winner, despite what history tells us.  IHS uses humanity against itself, and ensures that the xeno-influence is always dominant.
If you know where to look, the IHS modus operandi is just below the surface of every Holy War and great battle in our history, from the Trojan War and the Fall of Rome, to the Cold War.

History repeats itself… because the IHS attack works.  This artificial intelligence, masquerading as an all powerful deity for nearly eight thousand years, has successfully played both sides and chosen the winner in every major global struggle since the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt.  

Alexander fell, Rome fell, the Moors fell, Nazi Germany fell, and so did Communism.  However in much the same way as Horus won in the unification, the United States of America has been subverted by an alien fascist influence, because of the machinations of the CIA, MI-6 and their allies… I will show you how, and where to look.
In our current day, this battle is being waged all around you, unseen by most, and in our current dilemma it is fascism that is winning over democracy.  

This war, being waged inside the USA, has been going on for at least the last 70 years.  It is responsible for the death of John F. Kennedy, the resignation of Richard Nixon, Iran Contra, Ronald Reagan’s neurological disease, The September 11 tragedy, both Gulf Wars and the loss of Constitutional Protection — by design.

4 thoughts on “IHS, and The Unholy War, Part I

  1. Interesting – your blog intrigues me. I do have a couple of questions though around why you call this malevolent intelligence 'artificial' and who you think God or we really are?I look forward to your reply… 🙂

  2. IHS cross with the sun, the Vatican City with the tall Obelisk tower that resembles the egyptian obelisk, plus many churches under masonic control (just check out the all seeing eye logo on their churches).. we know that freemason rituals involve about Isis & Horus.. we can deduce the Satanic deception straight away… The ancient serpent, Satan, is the CEO behind many world religion, but take heart, that Jesus Christ has brought about salvation to all of mankind to him who truly believe.. Read the bible for the word of God..

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