Several days ago, I posted a short work of fiction, discussing the use of advanced technology against humanity, and a fictitious but possible future scenario, a result of silence relating to the use of mind control on the general public.  While there may be no pending alien invasion, there is a massive conspiracy at foot in our world today.  There is an extra-governmental conspiracy to use quantum mind control against the general population of the world, and their governments.  The effects of this control are subtle, and barely noticeable, but taken together the global effect is not so subtle.

The reality is that there are thousands of public and private citizens all around you, today in 2012, that are not only aware of a mind control conspiracy, but are also silent about it.  The effect of their silence, is tacit approval of a program which is hiding the true current events of our world from public scrutiny.  It is not spoken of in the media, most people are oblivious.. but your neighbor knows what is going on, and so did your waiter last night.  

The organization behind this conspiracy is responsible for not only the “war on drugs” but also the drug pandemic.  For the purpose of artificially inflating the price of illicit narcotics, and the use of those profits in order to build a vast global network to subtly control the minds of the general population, and our elected officials.  There is an artificial intelligence which is unduly coercing the public’s response to the systematic destruction of civil rights and American liberty.   

It is responsible for the cover up of Iran Contra, and the lack of Congressional action related to obvious abuses of governmental power in illicit global and domestic narcotics trafficking.   

It is responsible for your lack of protest to gross abuses of Executive Power since before 9/11, for your lack of questioning of what appears to be a significant amount of proof of US complicity in the September 11th attacks, and to make you not care about your loss of freedom and privacy as a result.

If you do nothing, it will be responsible for the destruction of the Constitutional Republic.  Our social fabric is being unwound.. stand up for our future.

The cold truth, there are millions of Americans who are aware of the existence and use of mind control technology.  Working in hospitality, law enforcement, and many other customer facing industries including gas stations, restaurants, communications providers, and tourism — you are more than likely to know something.  Lawyers, judges, jailers, bankers.. open your eyes.  Whether or not you think this something is the result of a conspiracy, the work of the federal government, organized crime, or  an alien influence: your silence about what you know is not helping you, your children, or our future.  (It’s all of them, by the way.)

The question posed previously, “if this group was planning to murder millions, what would you do” may have been metaphorical… today I ask you, if mind control were responsible for silence and obedience to a rogue movement whose clear and present actions were the systematic deprivation of civil rights, Constitutional freedoms, and nothing short of treason against the United States of America — would you still say nothing?

If you are silent and do nothing you are not saving yourself, you are condemning the future of humanity.  Tell everyone around you.. talk about it.  We the people deserve to know.  What is going on around us requires a community of honesty and action to correct what appears to be a grave mistake that will perilously alter the future course of humanity without intervention.  When Rome fell we got the black plague and the dark ages… what comes now?
When all is said and done, it will be the fault of those who knew and did nothing that our world is plunging towards an era of fear and silence, slowly putting out the light of truth and freedom our children deserve to inherit.  
I have known for three years, and it will be my fault too.  
Would you risk losing your ability to speak and think freely?  If this situation is not changed, we are headed on a path of direct fulfillment of Orwell’s prophesy.  If you think the message given here is inflammatory or exaggerated, you might not know enough about what is going on around you.

We live in an explosive time.  Change things.

Show this message to someone you know, in one of the industries mentioned above..  ask them what they think.  The governments of the world are conspiring against you, and they have been for a long, long time.  If you have no reason to believe it today, look at the global reaction to Iran Contra, and 9/11.  If you still don’t want to, or cannot, believe it; you might soon.  

The future of our civilization hangs in the balance, and it is imperative that we take control and share knowledge and compassion with everyone.  If you know, tell everyone.

This technology has the ability to practically cure all neurological disease.. to power the world for pennies, to end the war on drugs, and to rid the world of pain and suffering — all quite literally.  

They are using it to steal your children’s future.

Over the last week I have alluded to a mind control attack against an American President.  I have also mentioned the fact that I believe George Orwell’s book, 1984, was a prescient message from the future — a warning.  These two statements go hand in hand, and I believe that Orwell’s book, written in 1948, and retitled from 1980 to 1982 to 1984 is a clear message pointing to the Reagan Adminstration.  While some of you do know about mind control today, the rest of you will be finding out shortly, and when you do, believe it has been in the hands of international intelligence for at least a half century.

Ronald Reagan was given Alzheimer’s disease by IHS (and I don’t mean the Jesuits).  IHS is the Egyptian trinity, it shows an incestual relationship between warring factions, and is a myth of the influence of an outside force on both parties.  Isis is a representation of mind control and other advanced technologies, and its influence over the Cold War, and the affairs of the last thirty two years are clear as day, once you understand the capabilities of mind control.

World War II was IHS.

The Cold War was IHS.

In the wake of, an because of, these two wars, the United States of America was infested with moles, and double agents, from both of the above enemies. James Jesus Angleton was on to this infiltration, and it cost him his career.  Like the Cambridge 5, these moles were not really working for the Nazi’s or the KGB.. but for a hidden, undue influence.  Today, that influence is not so hidden.

IHS is representative of another battle in our current time (maybe the final round), however just as in the original Egyptian myth, the United States of America has been infiltrated from the inside… this time not with religion, as in Upper Egypt, but with greed, fear, lust for power, and a secret agenda.

Want to know the whole story?  Read The End Times.

6 thoughts on “Your Future and Freedom

  1. Dude there is nothing to worry about if you studied the mind its not easy to control at least not by the person it inhabits. Read more about the mind and study the sub-conscious then you will know why I say this.

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