I guess it’s about time I tell you why I’m here, and why I “think” I know something you might not.  Yesterday I posted a blurb about the United States Congress, the Central Intelligence Agency, and a large conspiracy involving mind control and the general public — you probably think it’s a theory.. its not.  The focal point of the posting was the September 11 tragedy, and I will be talking more about that in a bit, but I wanted to try to explain to you exactly why I am so sure of what is going on, before I try and convince you again.  Just to cut to the chase, my purpose for doing what I’m doing is changing the future for the better, I fully believe that we are on the verge of a global tragedy, something akin to, but much more perilous than, 1984 and the only thing that will make it better is public disclosure.

In late 2010, because of some very unusual personal circumstances, I became involved in what appears to be a very large government cover up.  This cover up included the use of advanced technology, and a significant number of people, including a number of strangely behaving police officers, who I initially thought worked for the American Mafia.  After a very lengthy “personal investigation” into the technology and people involved, I’ve now come to the conclusion that while there probably is a crooked sheriff in the mix, it’s most likely an agency in Washington, DC.  This is not to say that the entire organization involved is there, or that that entire agency/city is at fault, but there is certainly a significant American Government element participating in something that I’m sure all of you would find “highly illegal.”

For about three years now, I have been under the impression that the “Mafia” was attempting to cover up, for perhaps the CIA, the use of mind control technology against me.  The “method” these interesting folks used to do this was something akin to “using part of the truth” in order to hide a bigger truth — this tactic is one of the reasons I often cite William Colby’s 1971 testimony as an “obvious cover up.”  What was being done to me was a full scale information operation, perpetrated by members of the Mafia, employees of the United States Government, and some private institutions.  Colloquially, it is called “gang stalking,” and its a somewhat well known phenomenon that seems to go completely uninvestigated nationally when complained about.  There are alot of victims.

What this information operation actually is, however, is a barrage of psychological abuse designed to discredit testimony in the public eye, and in a court of law.  It is not a new kind of attack, and has probably been used by this same group for a long, long time.  In this particular instance, the group is covering up the existence of advanced mind control technology, and its use against the victim — by making it completely obvious, and proving its existence.  While that may seem stupid, at the same time they are hiding who they are fairly well, blaming the United States Government for committing the crime, and hiding exactly how the technology works.  This is pretty obvious when looking through forums for the victims, like http://freedomfchs.lefora.com/, where some victims are sure they have a microchip implanted inside them, others think they are being shot with a microwave gun, and still others think the phased array HAARP is responsible for their problem.

While it may seem “discrediting” that there are so many theories, this is actually a large piece of evidence against the actual perpetrators, and does explain one of the motivations for the attack.  The truth is, the group of victims is fragmented, unsure about a recourse, and looking just about as paranoid as they possibly could, accusing each other of being “in on it.”  More about that later.  The truth is, that what this does show is that the group is somewhat scientifically minded, and all sought out a rational and scientific explanation for the strange behavior and effects they were seeing in their surroundings.  They are all victims of the same information operation, and that much should be obvious to anyone listening to their respective stories.

This is getting a bit long, so I think I will do a few more posts about my “personal story,” let me get to the point.  While it was made obvious to me that I was a victim of mind control, and that there were a significant number of fellow victims, for the majority of the three year period while this was happening to me, I did not think “most people” were victims also.. I was wrong.  Suffice it to say, I have done a significant amount of investigating, and I personally know many of the people involved.    I do not make the statements on this page… off the cuff.  My personal investigation links the organization performing this psychological attack directly to Iran Contra, and from there to the Mafia, the Vatican, and the American Government.  This is the ‘trail of the Octopus’ and it is in plain view, on purpose.

Back to September 11th.  For the majority of the last 11 years, I did not think the World Trade Center tragedy was an “inside job.”  I saw Michael Moore’s film, and thought the information was very “interesting” and probably true, but didn’t really link the Bush’s to Bin Laden himself.. just his family and their businesses.  It could have been a coincidence.  I felt like I was giving our government, which I have always had faith in, the “benefit of the doubt” and that they deserved it because they were.. well.. the American Government — a bastion of freedom.  Even throughout this ordeal, when I thought I was a victim singled out for practically no reason, and I could not get the help of the government, I made excuses for them and assumed they just “didn’t know.”

Again, I was wrong.   And so are you.

The evidence against the United States committing a false flag attack on par with the Northwoods Plan is overwhelming.  The “coincidences” outweigh and overwhelm the “benefit of the doubt” so far, that in my estimation, the only thing that could keep me from believing that it was an inside job for the entirety of the 9 years or so since Farenheight 911 was released.. is.. well.. mind control.

And then it dawns on me, how on Earth could these ridiculous details have gotten through a Congressional investigation?
Why is there not more public outcry?
Why is it only “fringe authors” even contemplating the possibility of a false flag attack?
Why is the media not investigating this?
Why doesn’t anyone care?

The answer is clear.

In case it’s not so clear, it means you are being mind controlled too, and so are they.



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