Nobody is mind controlling me.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.
-The Usual Suspects
In 1971, William Colby testified before the Church Committee, and effectively had the CIA’s dabble into forced covert LSD administration and mind control testingeffectively shutdown. This would be the first and last public disclosure by a Central Intelligence Agency Director relating to a scientific attempt to modify and read the inner thoughts of human beings, the ‘gist’ of the disclosure was that they were using narcotics, electroshock, and EEG’s in a program which was popularly believed to be working towards the creation of a “Manchurian Candidate.”  This is the popular image of mind control, that one’s faculties would be completely taken over, and given some audible or subconscious trigger code, would cause them to mindlessly commit some crime.. like assassinating a public figure at a speaking engagement.  This perception is stupid.
While the ability to “remotely control” a human being is without doubt within the capabilities of intelligence organizations such as the Central Intelligence Agency, MI-6, and the former KGB, remote neural stimulation could also be much more subtle. It could be used to make you ignore, or not care about something that you would otherwise find important, like democracy, privacy, and freedom of speech. It could make you believe that something you read which you would otherwise find intelligent and thought provokingis.. off the wall. Mind control could be used to make you forgive a person or an organization, maybe your governmentfor something that you probably shouldn’t forgive them for. It is possible that it would be so subtle that you would never, ever know it was happening to you.
Remote neural control of the human brain would also give these organizations the ability to fully control the autonomic nervous system – they could cause people to suffocate, have heart attacks, or neurological disorders like Schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s… its even possible that this could be done to an American President. There are a number of writers and scientists “on the trail of the Octopus” who have suffered from untimely deaths due to heart attacks, notably:Jim Keith, Sean Stinn, and John Norseen.  Before his death, John Norseen had been talking about Lockheed’s “mind controlabilities.  He was a senior engineer and scientist working for that company on a government project called ‘bio-fusion.
It might also be able to induce suicidal tendencies, and there are several writers and scientists that slit their wrists, and jumped from tall buildings: Danny Casolaro, David Kelly, and Frank Olson.
Mind control may also be able to induce in the minds of Senators like Diane Feinstein, Saxby Chambliss, and Bill Nelson, who might know about the existence and capability of the technology, that it is only being used for legitimateintelligence gathering purposes, and not against the population of the United States of America, or themselves. It could make otherwise good and patriotic representatives ignore programs which completely disregard American values and the protections of the Constitution of the United States of America – like the Patriot Act, and the Carnivore Operation.  It might also make them and you not care that these programs were in place before 9/11, and that tragedy being used to justify their existence makes.. no sense… temporally speaking.
Going back a few years, mind control mightbe the reason that clear and documented links between the Central Intelligence Agency, top officials, and international cocainetrafficking went completely non prosecuted in the wake of Iran Contra.. it might be the reason that the American public didn’t care that in the following years, neither the sitting president nor his opponent mentioned the affair – at all in the next election.
It might also be the reason that the American Public, its elected representatives and a Congressional Investigation failed to understand the grave implications of obvious and documented financial, social, and operational links between notorious domestic terrorists and two American President’s and their employer. It mightbe the reason that the public does not understand how damning the evidence is, relegating it to “fringe conspiracy theories.” The actions of the Office of the President on the morning of 9/11 showed clear foreknowledge of the attack, the terrorists were linked financially to the Bush family who had just met with a top Islamic financier, the airfield which trained the suicide pilots is directly linked to the Central Intelligence Agency. Hundreds of investors made obvious andprofitable short sales against the airlines, insurers, and occupants of the World Trade Center in the days before the attack. Mind control may also explainwhy nobody realizes that both Bush President’s started wars in Iraq in order to steal oil, and artificially inflate its price.
I’m not even going to mention the fact that the Intelligence arm of USA has the ability to remotely control electronics, and could have landed the planes peacefully themselves.
Several large and well known Congressional investigations were probably effectively shut downbecause of the use of mind control, notably: Church, Tower, Warren, Rockefeller, and the 9/11 Commissions. Please open your eyes, freedom and democracy have been hanging in the balance for the last half century, and they are losing.
Effectively shut down, by the way is intelligence parlance for transferring a program to defense contractors and/or organized crime… just ask Stan Lee.
I think I’m a funny person. But I also realize that without inflection and personal presentation it is sometimes difficult to convey humor on a medium such as the Internet. So to be more clear I have italicizedwhat I intend to be intentional humor in this post.
Mind control might explain how 1984 came and went and nobody thought it had come true.
Or.. we might just all be morons that don’t care about freedom, truth, and justice.

The worst of it,  we could all be doing so much better.

7 thoughts on “Nobody is mind controlling me.

  1. For amusement? A prelude in a planned revelation? An on-going project to associate mind control theories with apparent persecutory delusions and mental illness, even though the first person to write about them in length (and then, surprise, surprise, destroy the manuscript) was Charles Fort? Something else? Who knows.

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