Imagine for a moment, a world where secret societies and governments have been working with a hidden and powerful influence since the dawn of time.  In this parallel world, an advanced machine secretly pulled the strings in human affairs throughout western history.. from the fall of Rome to the end of World War II.  It used a scientific method to produce what seemed like magic to those around it: having secret knowledge, an ability to see the future, and to manipulate the hearts and minds of humanity.  It would speak directly to the minds of some, assisting them in their secretive holy war to infiltrate the governments of the world.  Some would call it God, others Satan… it is neither.

At the end of World War II, this secret group infiltrated the heart of the KGB and CIA.  From the British Crown, MI-6, and the Nazi SD… an unseen war would be waged.. it was not the war everyone knew about — the Cold War — this battle was fought in the minds of those directing the actions of the United States of America and the United Soviet Socialist Republic.  Aside from a massive build up of refined uranium, the Cold War produced another weapon few knew about: a psycho-surveillance infrastructure capable of manipulating the minds of humanity.  This weapon is in the skies above you, and it has the ability to modify not only your thoughts and feelings, but also the electrical machinery all around you.  It is inside your mind, and in the machine.

In 1984, the United States Government began using this weapon against its own citizenry, and against the Congress, in its entirety.  The machine is subtle, not noticeable unless it is made obvious to you, but its influence is real and its mark is inside the minds of every American who no longer cares about the values and liberties which this country was founded on.  Those working in the government and the private sector would learn a secret, that there was a force in the world that they never knew existed before, and they would keep this secret from those around them.  They would watch as a false flag terrorist attack allowed for a government once formed to protect the weak and defend the innocent, to now create silence and fear — systematically destroying the great ideas and freedoms it was founded on.  This is the Hidden Coup, a government which has set aside its ideals in favor of lust for power — a world where the truth is something to be hunted down and destroyed, and caring for your neighbor, punished.

Privacy was no more, and nobody cared.  Liberty no more, and you might not even know.

This force, like in the Temple of Dendera, has infiltrated into every crevice of our once free world.  Doctors, teachers, bartenders and waitresses all harbor a secret knowledge that the world around them is no longer the one they grew up in, no longer one to be proud of.  This force secretly directs local police, federal agents, and the very lawmakers who you voted in to office last Tuesday.  America is no more.

This force has been announcing itself for millenium, and now in our “folklore” — the movies, books, and news stories, but it is just below the surface.  This is the story our ancestors thought important enough to pass down through the ages, it was their Revelation.

Imagine, in this world, that a new terrorist attack is being prepared.  It is a false flag attack blaming the slaughter of millions of innocent lives on a false alien invasion.  These will not be extra-terrestrials, but humans working for this force, using advanced technology and weaponry, and the sole purpose of this attack will be to mobilize the rest of humanity to fight a false war against an unreal enemy.

This war will be lost, on purpose.

If this was the world you lived in, and not some work of fiction, what would you do?  Would you try to stop it; and if so, how?

If any part of this story sounds familiar, you should sincerely think about what is coming.  Whether or not it does, please share this story with those around you: relatives, friends, and acquaintances; and find out what they would do in the situation described, your future may depend on it.

4 thoughts on “Tale of a Hidden Coup

  1. Well my friend, this is true but is not going to happen. The Light is here and the Illuminati or the secret society that this post is reffering to. The Illuminati are reptilian beings. The pure breds have been knocked out which leaves the hybrids still here (controlling the world). They are falling. Its been happening increasingly EVERY day. The world is Awakening to see the truth. Of what Humans really are and what their bodies are REALLY capable of. The Golden age begins 12-21-12, the Dawn of Aquarius. NOONE needs to fear because what is the point of fearing something that our OWN families take part in. Im talking about the US military. It is highly embraced by cared for by 99% of Americans. Who says that the citizens cant change what the Illuminati does. Change is near. Do not fear. Love&Light to all!! 🙂 ❤

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