from the vestige of empires dismembered
lost to corruption, dismantled by fate
a nefarious purpose infiltrating the truth

the glory of Rome reduced to baren roads
a dark age of ignorance and desolation
and an evil child roaming the entire earth

Madrid inquires the truth to nothingness
hiding the sun and the stars from you
proving once and for all, the world is flat

the sprawling empire of London’s bastard children
secretly working towards  a satanic goal
the wake of the third reich trembles with power
from Berlin comes a shadowy century of fear

a long unfought battle between two friends
to and end clearly hidden from view
the templars and assassins at it again
assured destruction? you have no clue

Moscow given hitler’s spies
a red scare turned, used against you
ask james angleton where it lies

one president murdered, another disgraced
a leader’s mind crippled, for orwell’s truth
buildings burn, and presidents’ lie
the Miami capitol, soon revealed

now, Tehran threatens the wall of Jerusalem
and Washington looks from there to Beijing
an abomination before the eyes of the world

all eyes, look deeply into the skies
something there is watching you, too

the light of the Trinity casts a long dark Shadow

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