There is a ridiculous and global disinformation campaign being perpetrated against the scientific community particularly, and the world in general, relating to quantum entanglement.  The properties of quantum entanglement have been fully known by the American Government, as well as many other nations, including the United Kingdom, the former USSR, and Israel since shortly after World War II, at the very latest.  
Albert Einstein participated in a US government sponsored disinformation operation by debunking the theory of Theodore Kaluza, which united his equations with Maxwell’s electromagnetism via the introduction of a fifth dimension.  Kaluza’s solution was a beautiful piece of mathematics, creating a logical and simple explanation for ‘spooky action at a distance.’  Since that time, global physics discovery, outside of government research, has been thrown severely off track, causing ridiculous theories including upwards of 11 extra dimensions with no way to verify them.  While some may consider him an “American hero” for his work on the Manhattan Project, I believe he did his country and the whole of humanity a great disservice by participating in what seems to be a vast inter-governmental conspiracy to conceal the truth that quantum entanglement conveys classical information.
By entangling to molecules inherent in the structure of neuronal voltage gated ion channels, it is possible to both suppress and activate action potentials by conveying charge, via entanglement.  These gates can be manipulated, using the brain’s endogenous ions in order to manipulate thoughts, feelings, desires.  It is also possible to fully control and augment the visual, auditory, and motor cortex functions. 

In addition to “remote control” of human brains, it should be obvious that the same technology can be used to remotely monitor and manipulate practically any electronic device.  This type of attack, similar to two way Van Eck Phreaking, and leading to the chosen name, allows for the currently existing global surveillance infrastructure, which is being hidden from you by silly “front” programs like Carnivore, Total Information Awareness, and Echelon.  The purpose of these smoke screens is to insulate the population from the reality that this infrastructure has been in place for much longer than you would thing, and that the governments of the world are fully capable of remotely reading and writing data on your cell phone, your computer, and your head; 24/7 completely unfettered by conventional electromagnetic shielding or any type of known countermeasure.

Quantum Charge Phreaking may very well be the phenomenon responsible for the religious “myths” of demonic possession, divine inspiration, and the “possession” of the Holy Spirit described in Acts of the Apostles.  If this is the case it is most certainly the result of xeno-intervention in our history, and The End Times details a history of cultural “proof” of the phenomenon in the context of historical religion and scientific discovery.

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