It is almost ironic to me, the initial reaction to the theory put forth in my book has been one of the following three responses.

  1. Completely insane
  2. Makes sense, but its far fetched.
  3. Complete agreement
Those that think it insane seem to be of the camp that there is a scientific explanation for anything, they are non believers, and make insulting remarks to ‘debunk’ theories which basically are nothing more than pointing out synchronistic irregularities in history.
The arguments are very similar to the attacks that evolutionists would use against creationists, but completely the opposite.   My use of scientific and historical evidence in the attempted explanation of “supernatural” events like divine inspiration and demonic possession are met with the same disbelief and ignorance creationists would use to defend their position.  It is the use of science of the mind and human history which can assist to prove the existence of exo-human intervention, and I would think an attempt to explain these phenomenons with science would be met with at least inquiry by the ‘evolutionist’/scientific crowd.   
It is my firm belief that organized religion has been used for the last thousand or so years in order to suppress scientific evidence, including the obvious force of evolution on biological life.  I think we have a similar enemy, attempting once again to hide scientific explanations for paranormal events which are well documented in our history and literature. 

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