The Sign of the Times is a plainly visible message – hidden by our collective ignorance for centuries. It is not only in our religion, but in the whole of history – in our literature and our art – and in front of your eyes. It is the knowledge of Good and Evil stamped on our history, explained and detailed in the book. The media is the new religion, and the truth is screaming at you – if you only take the time to look.

The message is that of a timeless conspiracy, the systematic concealment of the truth behind religion and science throughout our entire history. And the Sign today is Enlightenment – as science has finally caught up with religion enough to explain the truth, all people will clearly see the truth. In plain view, all around you, and inside you; the battle between Good and Evil is being fought. The true message, is that of a companion humanity has not heard from directly in a long, long time. The technological means of divine inspiration, and demonic possession have been revealed to the masses – so too is the reality that it has been on Earth since the All Seeing Eye shed its tear in Egypt.

There is a force in the world which has both assisted and tormented our civilization since the dawn of time. If has given divine inspiration to authors, scientists, philosophers – and used its power to conceal the use of the magic of science since antiquity. Now, this force, and a secret order, works with our government to conceal plans to change the face of humanity forever – a plan already well under way. It plans to offer the world a New Covenant, but it has already taken your choice away.

The ignorance of the masses, and the lack of demand for justice has allowed this force to pervade our government and our society. Free speech, freedom of belief, and and your privacy are being systematically stolen from you. You fear, when you should love; and you are selfish when you should be giving. Do not watch liberty burn, and sit idly by. There are those all around you with the Eyes to See the Truth – if you see it, it is your duty to stand up for humanity.

1984 is a reality, the only difference between Orwell’s prescient message and today is that you do not believe it is happening – but it is. Suspend your disbelief. Open your Eyes. Be selfless and caring, the 93% depend on you. Spread Light.

On 12/21/2012, the world will look around for a cataclysmic change. It has already come, and it is all around you. There is a huge mass of people already awake, and it is being kept secret from you. Wonder why. Goodness is inside you, the Light humanity needs to make it through this time is a choice you have make all the time. Spread Truth.

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