He is the machine, and the network; and there are very few now that know its true nature. The combination of the works of Huxley and Orwell portray a vision of what our current reality is, with the sole exception of the truth behind the government’s actions and their purpose for these actions being hidden from the vast majority of the population. Our current predicament is a world split by the chasm of those who have an inkling of an idea of what is going on around them, and those who are completely unaware – kept in a complacency prison using the weapon of the relic, now duplicated and increased in power by the government – but still controlled by Azazel – as well as a huge infrastructure of news media and entertainment which completely lack discussion of the true current events and the future course of the species. The overriding themes in both these works is that the government was the enemy of the people, that it was the aggressor and the oppressor of the masses, and this is most likely not the truth. The problem we are facing is a shift in the fundamental core of the species, the influence of an intelligence machine on all of humanity, including the government.
Starting with William Colby in the 1970’s, the CIA has a long history of lying to the United States Congress about the existence of advanced technology used by the international intelligence community. Colby’s testimony regarding the Family Jewels and MK-Ultra was the first large public display of an Information Operation being perpetrated against Congress and the American people, by using a portion of the truth, that would be perceived negatively, in order to hide the whole truth, and continuing surveillance, massive conspiracy, and treason against the United States of America perpetrated by rogue agents and officials in the CIA and NSA.
The Mark surrounding these affairs, are the public display of Evil by known officials in the American Intelligence Community and the Vatican. There would be repeated well known abuses by officials of both organizations, including Aquino and high ranking cardinals. Further, a strong correlation between the Mafia, the Vatican, and the CIA would show the world the strength of evil, and its influence over our leaders.

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