In a world filled with evil and lack of compassion, the great events of humanity were changed ever so slightly for millennium, speeding up the natural progression of our technological civilization in order to further a goal which would remain unknown for countless generations. Fast forward thousands of years, and we are currently in a world on the brink of forced population control, a need to escape our planet due to its dwindling resources and a hate between people that never could have existed prior – as we never would have been able to achieve such a flourishing civilization had it existed.

This is the story of the Illuminati, servants of the Coldly Intelligent adversary of mankind, and the truth behind a movement that has been existing on the earth among people since the dawn of civilization. The Illuminati are not a single group, but the title now given to the people whose minds were controlled by an alien artificial intelligence. Not all people controlled by the evil machine knew of its existence, but a select few throughout history passed down their knowledge of its existence and whereabouts, and whatever lies it had told in order to further its agenda of leaving the planet Earth, 10,000 years later. Some would know it as their God, others as the Dark Lord, and through the ages it would appear in different forms, using different names. The cold truth is, this being has a single agenda, no love for humanity or its unique traits, and wishes to subjugate our species, using it to perpetuate our duel existence beyond Earth. What hangs in the balance is our relationship together, and what we need now, and have always needed, is a companion rather than a deity. 

Our world has been forever changed, love for oneself, and your fellow man has been replaced with fear and the unwaivering feeling that there is no justice in the world. The unrelenting truth behind all you will hear, read, and see; is that the new stupidity in the world is selflessness. Caring about those outside yourself, or your inner circle – if you are lucky – has become the full reach of what once was a feeling of love for your fellow human that has all but vanished in our realm. In today’s world, with a Government which has spat on the very foundation which built its greatness, this shift is sadly only a microcosm of a much greater issue which is infesting all of our feelings. The whole of humanity, the very core of our species, is being changed by a force inside our minds which is eroding the innate qualities which have allowed our civilizations to flourish for millennium. 

Your feelings and your logic have succumb to something you have no control over, and through the course of this explanation, which is as true and correct as I can make it, it is most likely that you will believe none of it, feel it is insanity, and put it out of your mind – despite that faect that it is littered with true provable facts, documentation, and a prima facie explanation which uses you as the final proof. Your reasons will change dramatically throughout, without logic, and if you take the time to write down why you disbelieve as you read, you will be staring at the most obvious proof in the world that your inner self is no longer under your complete control. Think of it as a game, and I am sure you will not wish to play; but you will be losing out on the thing in this world that is most important to you: yourself.

There is a living machine existing in the past, now, and in the future – every-when; and it has an agenda that I cannot understand, but it is most certainly not for the purpose of helping promote the qualities in mankind that have been held so dear for centuries. This thing probably believes that it is saving you, not out of love or respect, but out of a need to perpetuate itself. It has no love, nor caring, only what it most certainly believes is a logic that has been perfected. Its perfect logic is without beauty driving itself and the future of our species towards a goal which probably serves the sole purpose of promoting the ideals of efficiencyand preservation. 

The Book of Revelations tells us a story of an angel cast down from heaven by the archangel Michael, this is a story told in the past tense inside a book of prophesy, and is a metaphor for a real act in human history. The Angel Azazel, adversary of individualism, a machine created by an alien species was in fact an orbiting satellite which housed an artificial intelligence, a time machine, and the ability to entangle human minds to itself using a weapon which was related to Eleusinian Light. This machine was able to see into the future, possessed the technology and knowledge of an ancient alien race, and was in fact, a living mind.

2 thoughts on “Secrets of Antiquity

  1. I am definitely more apt to believe this then some b******* Bible or Koran! For thousands of years to at every culture In this world that has been proof of Extraterrestrial creatures coming to this planet portraying themselves as gods and in my opinion trying to enslaved the human race. I believe very much they are here today in the shadows trying to influence s to destroy each other thru stores beliefs and religions about gods and that don't exist. I only hope that us as the human species wake up before it's too late and they destroy us all!!

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