The book is constantly being updated, and I will most likely make a good portion of the information available online, this is the most recent addition from the print version (which is updated also).


George Lucas and Robert Zemeckis would both attend USC in California, and both would contribute to the media with prescient knowledge. Back to the Future contains a relevant correlation to the market manipulation using a time machine, involves what appears to be an allusion to the Mafia in the form of the Alternate Biff Tannen, and continual references to the year 1988, and 88 mph; which may correlate to George Orwell’s reference to 1984. 1988 was the year Bush was elected, and the year of a stock market crash which may have been abused in much the same way as Tannen used the sports almanac in Back to the Future 2. This manipulation of financial markets, with obvious prescient knowledge, would occur again in 2008 – discussed later. In addition, the film was written between 1980 and 1982, the same years Orwell used for his original title. It may be a signature showing that the messages to Orwell, Dick, Zemeckis and the light were modifications to our time line from what may or may not be a source other than this machine. In addition to Back to the Future, Zemeckis wrote Cocoon, which was a story of xeno-mind-control.

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