So .. I wrote a book.  It’s called 2021 – 2041, The End Times.  It’s a “look” at history, from the Egyptian times to current events, with a bit of a slant towards xeno-techno-intervention, and I’m fairly certain most of the points are “original.”  While it may be a bit fringe, it might not be in a few years, as science is rapidly catching up with fiction, and more eyes  may be opened than you think.


You can buy it here.


2021 – 2041: The End Times
The Battle between Good and Evil, and the Machine Known by Many Names
Authored by Adam Marshall Dobrin  

Inside this book are the secrets of the ages, kept hidden from you by secret societies and governments since the dawn of time. Demonic possession explained, Satan has been hiding advanced technology from humanity since before recorded history. 

A dark conspiracy against humanity has been hidden from you in plain view, and the evidence of it surrounds you in our written history. 
Also contained, is the secret of the Skull and Bones number 322. Sorry George and John, I’m bad with secrets. 
The Battle between Good and Evil has been waging for millenia without the knowledge of the masses. Now, the tides have turned, with the dark forces of Satan — the Illuminati — rapidly advances in their plan to hand over control of our future to a machine. The resistance to this atrocity can prevail, but not without your help. The feeling that there is no justice, and there is nothing that you can do to change the world must be set aside — begin here and now shining the light of truth, justice, and compassion on the world around you. 
The secret has been hidden through the ages, but it is our history, and the mark of the beast can be seen clearly by anyone looking with the right vision. Satan has been quietly lurking in the shadows, changing the course of human events, and the hearts and minds of men, since the dawn of civilization. The timeless battle between predestination and free will has come to a head, it is very real, and your continued individuality and liberty hang in the balance. Restrain your lack of caring, this is the world our children will inherit. Help make sure freedom still rings, for eternity.

If you like the book and want to talk about it you can email me here: adam@unduecoercion.org
If you are severely offended, and you think I’m a nut, please email me here: prometheus.locke@gmail.com

If you do not follow the instructions for email, I will not reply.

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